Home Inventory Manager

NeonSandbox offers a FREE, easy to use application that helps you document your valuable possessions. With an intuitive interface, you can organize your items by room, category, status and more. In addition to adding images of your inventory you can attach documents like receipts and manuals.


Home Inventory Manager allows you to enter item information such as item description, brand, model number, serial number, category, condition, status, location, purchase date, merchant, manufactured date, purchase price, quantity and owner.

In addition to basic item information, you can attach unlimited* photos and documents like manuals, receipts, policies etc. to each item. Comments can be entered everywhere in the application, not just for the item itself.
The ability to maintain a history* of repairs and costs as well as warranty and insurance information is also included.

Items are grouped in a number of different ways which allows for quick and easy information retrieval. Groups include Location, Category, Condition, Status, Manufacturer or Brand and Merchant. In the List Editor you can add an unlimited number of elements in each one of those groups.

Unlimited contact information can be added to Manufacturers, Merchants, Insurers, Warranty companies, Appraiser and Repair facilities too.


General Item Information

Item name, Manufacturer, Manufactured date, Model, Serial number, Merchant, Purchase date, Purchase price, Quantity, Category*, Location*, Condition*, Status*, Owner, Comments.

* you can add unlimited entries for these groups in the list editor

Insurance Information

Company name, Company detail, Policy number, Coverage amount, Effective date, Expiration date, Notes, Contact information.

Appraisal Information

Company name, Company detail, Appraised date, Appraised value, Notes, Contact information.

Warranty Information

Company name, Company detail, Policy, Warranty type, Term, Expiration date, Contact information.

Maintenance Information *

Company name, Company detail, Service date, Service description, Service type, Cost, Notes, Contact information.

* service record limit 1 per item for free version / unlimited for paid version

Images *

Image name, Image notes, set default image.

* image limit 1 per item for free version / unlimited for paid version

Documents *

Document name, Define document type**

* document limit 1 per item for free version / unlimited for paid version
** you can add unlimited type definitions in the list editor


Choose how you want to set dates, focus color, turn Help tags on or off, Select the default currency symbol, Auto check for updates.

List Editor

Create additional choices to add to drop-down menus.

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